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    As per provision of section 41 of Biological Diversity Act, 2002 every local body shall constitute a Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) within its area for conservation of biodiversity.
    Madhya Pradesh is a pioneer State where BMCs have been constituted at all local body levels.
    Biodiversity Management Committees constituted under rule (23) of M.P. BD Rules 2004 shall have seven persons nominated by the local body, of which not less than one third shall be women. Seven local knowledgeable persons being so nominated should be drawn from amongst the herbalists, agriculturist, Non Timber Forest Produce collectors/ traders, fisher-folk, representatives of user associations, community workers, academicians and any person/representative of organization, on whom the local body trusts that he/she can significantly contribute to the mandate of the Biodiversity Management Committee.
    The proportion of members belonging to the Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribe should not be less than Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe percentage of the District, where such a committee is set up. All the above should be residents within the said local body limits and be in the voters list.

    The local body shall nominate six special invitees from forest, agriculture, livestock, health, fisheries and education department.

    The chairperson of the Biodiversity Management Committee shall be elected from amongst the members of the committee in a meeting to be presided over by the chairperson of the local body. The chairperson of the local body shall have the vote in case of a tie.
S. No. Level No. of BMCs constituted
1 Jila Panchayat 50
2 Janpad Panchayat 313
3 Nagar Nigam 14
4 Nagarpalika Parishad 86
5 Nagar Panchayat 238
6 Village Panchayat 23,043
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Distrct Wise Record
Jila Panchayat (51)
Janpad Panchayat (314)
Nagar Nigam (14)
Nagarpalika Parishad (86)
Nagar Panchayat (238)
Village Panchayat (23,043)
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