Usage instructions

This application permits the searching of plant biodiversity of Madhya Pradesh in an online database. The database shall continue to be updated as new information becomes available.

The database is presented in the form of a table. The columns of the table are searchable, and multiple searches can be simultaneously executed.

For instance, putting Balaghat in the district column and pressing enter will filter those rows of the database that have Balaghat in the district column. Now if Ficus is also entered in the Botanical name search field, the application will return all Ficus species in Balaghat district. After choosing a particular species, say Ficus benghalensis and entering in the Botanical name search field, if Balaghat is removed from the district field, the application shall show all places that have Ficus benghalensis.

This information is useful for the preservation of biodiversity. For instance, we can know the districts where seeds can be collected for a particular species. And we can also discern if the species is naturally found in our target district.