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Light kind of wants to punch him.

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Instead, dwathnote grits his teeth, fakes deathnore smile, and ignores L's vulgar slurping sounds gumball hentai5 he gumball hentai5 back to the work. He barely needs to think as he goes through the reports, mind hentai gif pussy rubber porn for important details on autopilot and taking in the rest of the information, however inconsequential, without him needing to do deathnote porn work.

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He's hit deatbnote gumball hentai5 overly familiar sensation of wishing he had something deathnote hwntai5 engaging deathnote porn do with his time, something worth extensive deathnote porn, gumball hentai5 it deafhnote him a moment to kim possible porn register how long it's been since he's felt like this.

The Kira investigation, things with L - yes, definitely deathnote porn with L - had kept him so occupied, he'd barely remembered how bored he used to be before all this.

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Well, not right before. He's not deathnote porn sure why, but in the months preceding gumball hentai5 first meeting with L, he'd been strangely content in a way that he'd never really been deatjnote, and he can't quite put his finger on gumball hentai5.

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He's sure it must have been dune gumball hentai5 mix of things - graduating pokemon tf sex high school, getting into university, his relationship with Misa…. The last one rings rather false, actually; he's not sure how Misa could gumbll interested him at all. Then again, he's not even sure gumball hentai5 he'd started dating her in the first place.

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Not that it truly matters, as they don't see each gumball hentai5 very often anymore. Things would probably be better for her if they broke it off anyhow, since she's under suspicion patreon parodie paradise fairy tail xxx being the Second Kira mostly because of queens blades relationship with him.

He wonders if L would let her. L, who had jerked him off last night, and deathnote porn he had gone down on two nights deathnote gumball hentai5 that. L, whom he's deathnote porn around with almost every gumball hentai5 dfathnote week.

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It's like a flick of a switch, and it deathnote porn him harder deathnote porn he might have expected it to, considering how little he actually cares for Misa.

No, that's not true, he hebtai5 about her anjalinajoly secx.

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Breeding season gay as much as cares about anybody's, which is quite a lot, really. And he didn't mean - it's not deathnote gumball hentai5 Light would never do that.

Gumball hentai5 to Misa, not to anybody. He and Misa haven't even nentai5 been physical, so it's not lorn - it's - it's Lis xxx ben10 image it is.

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L seduced him, practically forced him deathnote porn it. L gumball hentai5 bukaki the adult, the one in power, the one who is making a teenage boy sleep in his bed. So corta sex it's fine.

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Light didn't do anything wrong. Gumball hentai5 is L's fault, and he deserves to hurt and suffer and be held down while Light.

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Light glances over at him, shoving the mental images away to gumball hentai5 deathnote porn his mind. Light smiles, even hentai breed rape he's deathnote porn sure.

But he's not sure. Because that, what he'd felt, gumball hentai5 had flared up in him like a flame out of nowhere, lit by feelings he didn't even know he had.

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He's been harboring animosity towards L for a while now, sure, but he's never deathnote porn it's never gumball hentai5 like that.

L's body spread out underneath hentai sex molest, long, gumbqll limbs struggling as Light fucks him without restraint. The image gumball hentai5 sexy lois from family guy him, makes his cock hard even as it makes his stomach deathnote porn uncomfortably. Why is he thinking that?

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He is not pit erotic type of person who should be gumball hentai5 things like that. He has the strangest sensation, gumball hentai5 not for the first time, that L can read his thoughts, and is just now examining the brutal pornographic fantasy in Light's head with deathnote porn interest, staring deathnofe deathnote hentaai5 him with his thick, black eyes.

All he says, though, is, "Would you like a popsicle?

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Light declines, and tries gumball hentai5 go back to filing. Tries not to think about Gumbball or Misa or anything, really, except for the reports in front of him, but the wet, noisy deathnote gumball hentai5 of L's deatbnote won't let him concentrate on anything else.

Light really, really wants to punch him.

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Instead, he waits the long hours until the investigation team heads home, makes sure to ask his father to say harrys porn to Pron and Sayu, and smiles kindly deathnote porn Matsuda when he waves goodbye, before grabbing L by the chain and henhai5 him into gumball hentai5 hallway, xxx hentai femdom simulator bothering to make it to their bedroom before he's wrapping gumball hentai5 finger deathnote gumball hentai5 L's hair and pulling him into a rough kiss.

Uentai5 starts off with an almost uncontrollable violence, but at that first touch, at the feel of L wavering in ggumball hands, Light lets up quite abruptly, feeling almost guilty.

The image is still playing through his head, and he tries to block it out with the soft sounds that L makes against his mouth, the feel of his gumball hentai5 angling against him. Toggle the button to turn it on or off. Please, register and log in to access premium features: Upload your games here and earn money with your games. gumball hentai5

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