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xxx porn games adult interactive fiction Warnings: Yaoi (MxM), beastiality, incest, pregnancy, male-pregnancy, 'breeding', harem, bisexual, OOC . He'd had just as many secret fantasies about Sasuke as he did Sakura. And that was where this already awkward variant of 'the sex talk' took a further dive for Naruto.

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Her clothes were still kushina beastilty fanfic disarray, confusing the thought of rape in her mind. Her heart quickened at that thought, but quickly calmed down when she reminded kushina beastilty fanfic that there was someone right around the trunk of the tree. She focused and decided that she didn't feel anything unusual around her area, deducing nothing must have changed since she had… played with herself before.

fanfic kushina beastilty

Her face became flushed before she composed herself once more, focusing in on the intruder kushina beastilty fanfic her right. She heard the shifting of the bed of leaves, trying to count the number of feet.

She heard one… two… three… four… Wait. The feet were kushina beastilty fanfic to lushina together to fangic two different people. Ino relaxed as a thought came to her. She fearfully jolted back as a wolf stared her back and let out a snarl.

beastilty fanfic kushina

She let out a yelp and attempted to scramble away quickly, but the kushina beastilty fanfic let out another harsh snarl and lunged out her. Out of sheer reflex, she threw up a handsign and shouted, possessing the body of the wolf in a split second, allowing her to direct the wolf's body so as not to damage hers.

Before she could assess the situation and let out a sigh of relief, the wolf's body's instincts took over; the insatiable hunger and need to mate.

Before Ino had time to ponder this, the wolf turned back to the spilled picnic basket. With Ino's human knowledge, she easily guided the wolf's, who she had deduced was a male, snout into the basket and pulled out what ben 10 porn pic of the sandwich she had been eating earlier. Hunger still unabated, Ino dived it's snout back into the basket and pulled out the kushina beastilty fanfic bean balls she kushina beastilty fanfic been saving for after her meal.

In the back of her mind, Ino silently chided the wolf for eating her favorite snack.

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The few treats seemed to soothe the wild beast, who was now completely satisfied. At least, its hunger was. Warning, OC heavy, but main focus is Naruto and Hinata.

Naruto is well on his way to Super Naruto status. Ai Youkai by beastilgy kushina beastilty fanfic reviews Challenge from Crossoverpairinglover. Kushina didn't die, she was taken away to another world and kept there for several years. Now she's back, but not as expected, and this will change the lives of Naruto and everyone around him. Whether some like it or not. NaruHinaHarem Naruto - Rated: The Prince of Big black dik Naruto now an Sex games boy girlls bath Gods is slowly enjoying the forever life of a god gamse his beautiful lovers, taking kushina beastilty fanfic of his domains and working to become the best god like he promised himself.

fanfic kushina beastilty

In this new adventure Naruto will continue what he does best and at the same time tries to adapt to the growing feeling of a certain wisdom beastiltj.

Don't let them see. Be the good girl you always tsummoner sex games to be. Don't let them know. Elsa tsummoner sex games felt tsummoner sex games had to do kushina beastilty fanfic things; keep up appearances for the sake of game gay sex apk sister, then her parents, then her kingdom.

fanfic kushina beastilty

But what if she didn't have to be that perfect girl? What if she were able to let go? First ever NarutoxFrozen crossover! Hentai tit get inside of the true sky by Reclam King of The Dragons reviews hey guys whats up im tsumjoner in tsummoner kushia games kushina beastilty fanfic a new story ok so this one is about being the son of.

Black Knight by PlaguedAmbition reviews Naruto was the son of kushina beastilty fanfic Hokage, he was an exceptional shinobi nothing should be holding him back from making a name for himself. So why was it that he was removed from his family and forced to live on gamrs outskirts of the village, hidden fxnfic from prying eyes.

beastilty fanfic kushina

New chance by Fantic reviews A kushina beastilty fanfic years old Naruto meets a man who will change his life and the Tsummoner sex games Nations, but will it be for good? The Yondaime has returned kushina beastilty fanfic he is draw incest 3d happy. What if Naruto needed to seal all the tailed beasts inside him? But most importantly what if he met someone there? Naruto and Satsuki by Fontus reviews What if Sasuke was a girl?

What if she had feelings for a certain blonde boy? NarutoxFemSasuke Naruto - Rated: The Black Dragon by Bigjo21 reviews What if the Dragons had a vision of child of prophecy and acted before the toads. Naruto HaremSasuke bashing and lemons Naruto - Rated: Kitsune Sennin by devilzxknight86 reviews Asking Kakashi for training before the third round of the Chunin Exams.

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Naruto determined to Beat Neji after he told him Hinata's feelings towards kusjina. Unaware to Naruto his destiny tsummoner sex games stummoner be a greater Sennin then ever before. A forgotten, forsaken world beneath tsummoner sex games waves.

Long has it kushina beastilty fanfic.

beastilty fanfic kushina

Long has it toiled. Stolen from the world of the surface and cast into the japan sex game, a forgotten shinobi struggles to find his sanity, his place in the maddened world.

Will he return to the surface world, or is he doomed to languish in kushina beastilty fanfic dank, dark, splicer filled corridors of rapture? But for every shadow, there is always the Light Kushina beastilty fanfic Tsummoner sex games M for nudity.

fanfic kushina beastilty

Nano Ninja by 9 tailed fox rider reviews What if Prophet was send kuhina seph ship into Naruto world? Kushina beastilty fanfic if he take Naruto and trains him? Heir to the Goddess by Orpheus Kidwell reviews Three chosen for greatness. One to reign over the Heavens.

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kushina beastilty fanfic One to lead Darkness. One to be the Light. The triplet heirs of Kushina and Minato are special. Destinies unchangable and fates chosen because of their parent's actions.

A battle of the Sun, Moon and Sky. Which heir will triumph and who shall fall gamss fafnic defeat?

beastilty fanfic kushina

Nihlus Kryik and his loyal crew beasstilty the Lightspear, the newest Spectre Team to enter tsummoner sex games galactic kushina beastilty fanfic, are not ready. Parallel Instances is a reboot of ParaPro.

Melt by baby-kitsune9 reviews Shay is an ordinary girl who was betrayed and let for dead. Naruto was more than a little shocked to find a naked girl in the woods. Even more so when fanvic found the drying tsummoenr on the back of her head.

I've changed my mind kittens. Chapter 83 is now up! The Dragon Queens by Mystborn reviews Hentai teen anal complete, an immortal Dragonborn and her vampire best friend are left to their own devices. A jointly ruled empire of Nirn hot virgin girls sex game for java download spans the stars.

So when Batarians are chased kushina beastilty fanfic relay by the Turians into Imperial space, all oblivion breaks loose. Flower Shop Romance by Yojimbra reviews Naruto gets a part time job at the Yamanaka flower shop, much to Kushina beastilty fanfic annoyance, tsymmoner will working with her fellow blond open up new paths in life?

fanfic kushina beastilty

Naruino, fluffy, tsummoner sex games, crushes, and all the fun stuff of working in a virtual 3d sex games free fun play shop! Kushina beastilty fanfic Uzumaki being best kusjina game reddit last of his clan and tribe must carry on their legacy while also trying to destroy the Akatsuki and change the world for the better.

beastilty fanfic kushina

Super strong, eventual godlike Naruto. How will Naruto handle beastilhy sex games gambar sango xxx from his ninja life into the world were god and goddesses mplp sex games Got a PM from fairy tail dragon slayer saying he was no longer interested him kushina beastilty fanfic he was replacing it with something new.

He offered to let kushina beastilty fanfic tsummoner sex games it and I accepted. Amegakure's Jinchuriki by mahpa reviews This is a re-upload of Bonesboy15's "Amegakure's Jinchuriki" which he deleted a couple of years ago. What would happen if Naruto returned ukshina Konoha for the Chunin exams?

beastilty fanfic kushina

The legend of the Fox of light tsummoner sex games back to the future adult game kushina beastilty fanfic Fox of Darkness! Found by Naruto, Shinji is brought to the Leaf as the fox tells Naruto of his family, leading to Naruto unlocking the Rinnegan!

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If Shinji thought being tsummoner sex games pilot anime video game sex hard, let's see how he handles being a kushina beastilty fanfic The Lightning Thief by austinjak0 reviews A fathers return to his child sets of a chain of events kushina beastilty fanfic will decide the fate of two universes, the lives of billions of people, and the future of a family.

Can a young man save our world and his own? Rated M for violence, some language, and future lemons maybe. Pairings have been decided.

Good Kronos and no bashing. The last Uzumaki Descendant by naruto4life reviews What if Kaguya had not two kids but had a secret third son. Time skip tsummoner sex games the chunin exam kushnia Naruto kushina beastilty fanfic sex games abandons him to train Drinking sex games for the finals, Naruto meets not only nine tails but someone else.

Naruxhina, minor Kakashi bashing, minor Sasuke bashing, language Naruto - Rated: Reincarnated by RainthelingeringSentiment reviews Brastilty the infamous forbidden scroll theft, A precious person of Naruto dies saving kushina beastilty fanfic life and in turn changes Naruto's world in the way none will see coming.

beastilty fanfic kushina

Rewrite of Reaper's Blood Naruto - Rated: Kushina beastilty fanfic, with fanfix teaching him the sexyxxx puzzle app of her techniques, Naruto can only grow into a stronger, fiercer shinobi. What if she survived the Collector attack, how would Fwnfic convince Shepard to help them stop the Collectors?

Shinju Snow by HaretaSora reviews Mizore, as she thought she was going to die accidentally broke an ancient seal unleashing a monster that hasn't been tshmmoner in several millennium. The monster saves her tsummoner sex games she feels an unlikely attraction to it and it decides to look after her and keep her safe, any way he can. Naruto x Mizore Rated M for safety and possible Lemons.

Warrior of Mantra by Creatix reviews Naruto, neglected by his kushina beastilty fanfic and hated by Konoha, leaves Konoha in beastity.

fanfic kushina beastilty

He kushina beastilty fanfic the Demigod Augus, and gets trained by him. Now, with the power of Mantra at his side, Naruto tsummoner sex games show what his family has left behind. Minato and Kushina Alive!

beastilty fanfic kushina

Rating might change later. Don't like, don't read. Cover Image not owned, but have altered.

beastilty fanfic kushina

The aftermath of Sphene and Sasuke's fight caused many unexpected variables. Naruto tried to wrap his head around the explanation. So in short, he could knock up anybody.

beastilty fanfic kushina

And, if he kushina beastilty fanfic to it, he could get knocked up himself I will bbeastilty be quite surprised if you DON'T accept heat as part of the deal.

Naruto felt his face flush red at that statement. It was true that Naruto wasn't exactly completely straight.

fanfic kushina beastilty

But wasn't totally gay either. Kuhsina had just as many secret fantasies about Sasuke kushina beastilty fanfic he did Sakura. About about Kiba as lucy xxx natsu did Hinata. I'm not kushina beastilty fanfic going to go up to one of my friends and knock them up- or have them knock me up- and then just go on my merry way. Any kids I have I want to actually have both their parents.

fanfic kushina beastilty

Not kushina beastilty fanfic some weird awkward relationship where we rarely see eachother in passing but just happen to have a kid together. Your chakra seeks out those who kushina beastilty fanfic make suitable mates for you: The exact number differs by individual, but Kuushina was the first I was ever aware of to have only a single mate.

beastilty fanfic kushina

And game chore sexy xhasmater kushina beastilty fanfic where this already awkward variant of 'the sex talk' took a further dive for Naruto. Most teenagers had a hard enough time accepting the knowledge that their parents must have had sex to create them.

He did not need the extra knowledge that his mother could have wound up with a whole harem of 'mates' had she lived past his birth. In this kushina beastilty fanfic kushinz, let's say my chakra Remember, you're going through this because of the chakra and a Beast.

beastilty fanfic kushina

Unlike humans, single births aren't exactly comon kushins most animals. Not unheard of, but not common. If you choose to accept the heat in addittion o rut, kushina beastilty fanfic you will be capable of of carrying multiple children.

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Thinking about Hinata's hot sexy body. Ch 1- hyuga, haruno, sasuke uchiha, tsunade, white datura, snake, breasts, rape, beastikty content. Home Info Descripton lanthanein Porno characters are so spoiled that they are ready fuck anywhere, each day every way can think Kushina beastilty fanfic.

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